I am SioN (SilentOnion), a 20 year old boy from Finland.
I've been speedrunning off and on since 2016.
I've been coding since 2017 and I've used Python, PHP, C#, C++ and Java too.
I speak Finnish (surprise), English and I'm trying to learn Japanese.
I listen to shit songs like Himeko Katagiri - Screamin' Succubus and noisy lolicore.
The first Ape Escape is my favorite game of all time.
I like cats and I've got three of them :3

This site (2018-04-11 - xxxx-xx-xx [2289 days])

April 2018 I got inspired at school to make my own website but as my skills heavily lacked DNVIC made the website for me in April of 2018 for the purpose of holding the Toad% meme speedrun leaderboards. The site was hosted on github under "" since 2018 and in December I turned the page into a more "personal" one with the leaderboards on the side. Then on September 5th of 2019 I bought the "" domain and the site has been under that since and I also "overhauled" the look of the site. Sometime at the end of September I created the logo, added an embed to my stream vods and changed the background again. In Mid January 2020 I messed around with the button css. Late May had me create the Green->yellow fade background image. In Late September I started making a website for the Trashathon speedrun marathon but I gave up on that but repurposed the style for this site and I created that hilarious info card. The site stayed basically the same until early May of 2021 when I replaced the info card with the good old about me text and I also created a separate page for the stream related stuff so I could have the index without overflow. After hosting the site on github for 4.4 years (1633 days) on September 30th I started renting a server to host all my websites on because I wanted to use PHP and the free option InfinityFree deletes your sites after 30 days of no activity which pissed me off. On 29th December I updated the about me section to also feature this section.